In the US, they want the release of CBCD to be criminalized

Warren Davidson, an Ohio Republican speaking in the House of Representatives, made a statement to Congress. He proposed to completely ban everything related to CBCD, as well as to criminalize them.

How does he explain this

The legislator believes that CBCD can become a tool of coercion and total control. At the same time, he noted that the Fed is creating a financial version of the "Death Star".

Thus, the Republican reacted to the vacancy of the San Francisco FBI. It is looking for a specialist in the direction of a cryptocurrency architect. They want to connect him to the development of the digital dollar.

At the same time, Davidson explained that the funds should be stable to save assets, but not programmed by the main body of the government. He also stated that reliable money is being made to ensure unhindered single-rank transactions.

In March of this year, Tom Emmer also protested the digital dollar. He believes that national digital coins are an insult to American values and will cause financial control over people.

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