The law on ruble CBCD was signed by Putin

Today, Vladimir Putin signed a bill concerning the integration of the digital ruble. Additionally, it regulates the development of the necessary electronic platform. The Central Bank will be the operator.

What else is known

The digital coin will be stored in special wallets. Both ordinary citizens and legal entities, including foreign banks, will be able to open them. At the same time, financial institutions will have to take all measures to prevent fraudulent attempts on CBCD.

In the future, the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Russia will create rules concerning operations with a digital coin. Transaction fees will also be set. They will introduce deadlines for the integration of technology for ordinary banking customers.

It should be noted that in the Central Bank, CBCD security is provided at the highest levels. After all, the FSB also participated in the development.

It should be noted that on July 11, the State Duma approved a bill on the integration of CBCD. He passed both readings at the same time. Its main provisions will take effect from the beginning of August. However, the asset will be available to individuals at least in 2025, or even later.

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