Witnesses in the case of the ex-head of FTX should be limited in their statements: lawyers of the accused

Lawyers who represent the interests of the former head of the bankrupt crypto exchange have asked the court to impose a restriction on public comments. This should concern absolutely all witnesses, including the current head of the site.

What lawyers demand

Sam Bankman-Fried's lawyers (SBF) have agreed to the non-disclosure of the trial. At the same time, they did not admit the charges of the Ministry of Justice. We are talking about the fact that their client provided the media with materials that were in the diary of Allison (the ex-head of Alameda, who admitted to falsifying the reports of the platform for creditors).

The department reported that it was an attempt to discredit the former head of Alameda. They also noted that because of this, there may be interference in a fair trial.

The document states that the SBF is prohibited from providing comments that may harm the reputation of a state witness by issuing confidential data.

The lawyers filed a motion stating that such restrictions should be applied not only to him, but also to all parties, as well as witnesses.

Experts note that this applies to the authorities, former employees and other persons who participate in the trial.

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