The Wyoming government Is Going to Hire an SEO crypto project

The Wyoming government has created a Commission on Stablecoins. The latter published a vacancy for the position of executive director.

What is known about the vacancy

The specialist will be engaged in the implementation of the project, this includes regulation, accounting and marketing. Experts believe that the state is going to issue stable coins that are pegged to the US dollar. The binding will be one to one. Assets from the issue will be transferred to a trust account. They will be used as investments in treasury bills.

The Board will head the Commission. It will include the governor, the auditor and the head of the finance department.

Recall that in the fall of 2021, The American CryptoFed company was registered. It is a decentralized autonomous organization. Then she filed an application with the SEC office to register and obtain permission to trade the algorithmic stable Ducat coin, as well as the associated Locke management cryptocurrency.

Note that prior to this, the FBI in San Francisco also published the position of senior architect. They are developing a digital dollar crypto project.

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