Arkham participants reported on the reward of those who find crypto wallets Up to Kwon

Arkham is an online information marketplace. The first order was placed there. It concerns the search for crypto wallets of the former head of Terraform Do Kwon.

What is known at the moment

It is known that a couple of online detectives have already completed their investigation. They were able to prove that several crypto addresses belong to the entrepreneur. The specialists received a reward of 9519 coins. The amount is approximately 5971 dollars.

One of the detectives said that the data obtained contradicted the statement of the site. The latter spoke only about one crypto wallet, which belongs to the Luna Foundation Guard.

The Arkcham platform was launched earlier this month. Here you can publish orders to find the necessary data in blockchains. For this, they are awarded a reward. At the same time, you need to submit an application to undergo preliminary moderation. Only after receiving approval from the administration will the order be placed on the marketplace.

The data that is requested will be made publicly available only after 3 months. This means that the information on crypto addresses Before the Kwon will be published only at the end of October. Recall that at the moment he is under detention in Montenegro.

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