The App Store has discovered a phishing program that can steal cryptocurrencies

SlowMist specialists stated that they found a phishing program in the App Store. It is engaged in the theft of users' personal data and digital assets.

What is known about malware

The program simulates real applications, so that users install it on their devices. In this case, the victim needs to use his account password to gain access. The program reads this data and passes it to the attackers. After that, they include their phone numbers in trusted ones in order to pass two-factor authentication with Apple/

Thanks to this, attackers can control the permissions of profiles, gaining 100% access to the content in it. To mask the activity, additional accounts are involved, enabling family access. Due to this, hackers can use the victim's funds.

Experts have published a warning. They wrote that when attacking a wallet that has been backed up via iCloud, there is a risk of losing cryptocurrencies.

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