The State Bank of France has provided a loan of one million euros for Atlendis

The BPI banking organization, which is a state structure in France, has provided a million euro loan to the institutional decentralized financial platform Atlendis. This information is reported by Secrypt.

What is known about this

The DeFi platform, which provides user lending services, was also able to purchase a local license. Thanks to this, it has become a provider of crypto services. It should be noted that the PSAN, according to which the project was able to obtain a license, became the main one for the formation of the regulatory framework of the pan-European MiCa bill regulating cryptocurrencies. Recall that it was approved on April 20.

The funds that were occupied by the site are going to be used to develop their own crypto project called Atlendis Flow. Thanks to it, it is possible to conduct direct transactions between cryptocurrencies and fiat. It is able to ensure the relationship between the blockchain and users' bank accounts.

The Atlendis platform will be provided only to investors who have passed accreditation. At the same time, it involves mandatory account verification. Therefore, users will have to confirm their identity.

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