In Kazakhstan, cryptocurrencies were bought with the help of fake dollars

In Almaty, fraudsters were going to use fake hundred-dollar bills to buy digital assets. This was reported by the financial monitoring agency.

What scheme did the scammers have

The attackers have already been arrested. Law enforcement agencies were able to find and seize the bills. They were modeled after the 2006 and 2017 releases. The total volume of fakes amounted to more than $ 20.5 thousand.

The examination was able to find out that the seized banknotes are not similar to the samples issued by the US Federal Reserve Bank. 

Law enforcement agencies have launched a pre-trial investigation. It is based on the facts of the storage and attempted use of counterfeit banknotes. The attackers, as we wrote above, were arrested.

Recall that a crypto exchange was discovered in the city. He worked for three years without having a registration or license. At the same time, the funds were stored on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. It is known that the exchanger was able to earn about 210 thousand dollars. during 2020-2021. Also, about 693 thousand dollars were credited to the crypto wallet of the owner of the exchanger. This is about 310 million tenge.

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