Dogecoin Growth Thanks to Elon Musk

The day before yesterday, the DOGE meme cryptocurrency rose sharply in price. The growth was 9%, and the cost reached $ 0.083 per coin. This happened after the new owner of Twitter used the "D" symbol in his profile.

What are the adjustments now

To date, the cryptocurrency has been adjusted. It dropped slightly, reaching $0.08. According to CoinGecko, the token was able to rise to 8th place in terms of capitalization. He was able to overtake Cardano. At the moment, it is $1.63 billion.

Next to the DOGE logo, Elon Musk also installed a new logo of the social network "X". Earlier, the billionaire decided to abandon the iconic symbol of Twitter — the blue bird, as he conducts a wide rebranding.

Note that the businessman wants to turn a social network into an entire ecosystem. It is planned to make it similar to WeChat. In addition to the above, the entrepreneur also retweeted a video that contains an animation of a new logo from a user with the nickname DogeDesigner.

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