Massive cuts in KuCoin — fake

The KuCoin crypto platform reported that rumors that the exchange is going to lay off about 30% of the staff are false. It should be noted that according to information, about a thousand employees are going to be fired.

What do the representatives of the exchange say

The head of the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange, Johnny Liu, said that the crypto world is changing rapidly. In order to maintain its high positions, the platform constantly reassesses its own organizational structure. It evaluates employees and indicators of the exchange's development. Therefore, he noted that it's not about cuts, but about ensuring the organization's dynamism and competitiveness.

The specialist also added that there are no problems in the work of the exchange. In the first six months, it showed growth. At the same time, the team is constantly expanding.

The head of the crypto exchange commented on the situation after seeing a post from a well-known journalist to Colin Wu. He reported that the exchange plans to make massive cuts in its organization. He also added that the exchange's profit is falling as the verification procedure becomes more stringent.

A representative of the site also commented on the situation. The request was submitted by Cointelegraph, He said that in connection with the development of the business and the evaluation of the effectiveness of employees for 6 months, it is possible to carry out some personnel changes. He also added that this is normal for organizational development.

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