Twitter is waiting for lawsuits as a result of rebranding — expert opinion

The social network Twitter, which was recently renamed brand X, may face lawsuits. They will be associated with the rebranding of the company. In the next few years, it may take up to $100 million to cover the costs. This opinion was expressed by lawyer J. Gerben.

What else does the specialist report

The lawyer informs that in a couple of weeks in the USA, the social network may receive lawsuits. They will relate to the use of the infringing brand. After all, Microsoft and Meta have similar logos under which products are provided.

Additionally, experts said that X may have legal difficulties in the global arena. They may become a "big problem" for many years to come.

The expert explains that the removal of the bluebird, which is actually a valuable asset, for the use of a new brand is unique in history. It will take years of work to be able to register X both in the United States of America and in other countries. The lawyer also claims that the Mask has very little chance to achieve the desired result for the provision of services in all countries of interest to him.

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