Deloitte customers will get Help from Chainalysis

Deloitte is one of the largest consulting and audit companies in the world. It will enable customers to use the Chainalysis tools that are associated with the blockchain. This will allow you to assess risks, conduct investigations and compliance.

What the company reports

Clients of the audit consulting company will be provided with training programs. A representative of the well-known Chainalysis platform spoke with an employee of Cointelegraph. He stated that the alliance had been created for many years. The goal is to help companies integrate blockchain.

The president of Chainalysis said that the partnership will be distributed among common customers. These include law enforcement agencies, regulators, banks and other financial organizations.

He also gave explanations, indicating that all players of the ecosystem will receive common solutions from the alliance, allowing them to detect transformation problems.

Deloitte also reported that thanks to the partnership, it will be possible to detect and prosecute persons who commit malicious acts. This applies to tracking asset flows in companies where there is a high level of risk, as well as those that are under sanctions.

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