CoinsPaid may have been hacked for $37 million.

CoinsPaid is a payment service. He started conducting transactions again, which he suspended as a result of a hacker attack. It happened on July 22. The amount of losses amounted to about $37 million.

What developers say about hacking

The North Korean Lazarus Group may have participated in the hacker attack. The development team reported that the users' assets remained intact. At the same time, hacking had an impact on the profitability of the site and its availability.

In a statement, the payment service says that the hacker group may have been waiting for a more successful attack. After the hacking, the site gathered a special group of specialists. They have done painstaking work to strengthen the systems and minimize the consequences. Thanks to the security measures and procedures taken, it was possible to avoid larger-scale asset losses.

After the hack, the service immediately began to conduct an investigation to track and label the stolen funds. Companies are also helped by other organizations, such as Chainalysis, as well as large exchanges, for example, Binance.

Additionally, the company sent a complaint to the law enforcement agency. The CEO claims that the resumption of work of all payment systems will be completed after a couple of days.

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