NFT AI Generator for Binance

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange is one of the largest in the world. It continues to evolve and add new products. Let's tell you about the latest changes on the crypto exchange.

NFT Bixel AI Generator

Bixel is an innovative generator that creates non-interchangeable tokens. It is based on artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, users of cryptoberg can create images. To do this, it is enough to specify a text query. You can also use an image. After that, the result is converted to NFT. It will be created on BNB Smart Chain.

The tool includes not only artificial intelligence, but also Web 3.0. thus, everyone can join the world of non-interchangeable tokens.

This generator was run twice. The first time was at the beginning of March this year. Then there was beta testing. A number of European clients participated in it. Following the results of just a couple of hours, over 10 thousand non-interchangeable tokens were created.

It was launched for the second time at the end of March. Then access was already opened to participants from all over the world. However, only the first 100 thousand users were able to get access. It was opened literally for 12 hours.

However, the day before yesterday, Binance again gave access to the generator. At the same time, it will already be unlimited for everyone.

New version of Bixel: what changes

The Binance development team stated that some changes have been made to the generator, these include:

  1. Opening full access. Now absolutely everyone will be able to use the generator. If you would like to create your own unique digital work and enter the world of NFT, now is the time.
  2. Verification for creating an NFT. The exchange adheres to a high level of security and trust. Therefore, users will have to pass verification by confirming their identity. This measure is necessary to ensure the reliability and safety of the site in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  3. The commission for the creation of tokens. According to the developers, it is small. Today it reaches 0.008 BNB. At the time of writing, this is about $2. Thanks to the commission, the correct creation of non-interchangeable tokens is ensured.

What functionality is expected

Bixel is designed with functionality for the creative manifestation of user capabilities. These functions are convenient and reliable. The developers highlight several possibilities:

  1. You can use it 10 times a day for free. In this case, every interaction with the service will be counted. In other words, each click equals 1 opportunity that will be counted, for example, it can be generation, pressing options, etc. At 00:00 UTC, these opportunities will be updated.
  2. You can choose a style. Before creating an image using artificial intelligence, choose a style. You can choose it according to your taste and preferences. At the moment there are 9 of them, ranging from anime to cyberpunk. Thanks to them, the images will have a unique personality.
  3. NFT images can be improved. To do this, the "Options" functionality has been added. It displays different versions of the picture. At the same time, you can use point adjustment to improve the result. The function is available within 10 "possibilities". Users can also improve the quality by increasing the resolution. In this case, the function does not use the features.

More detailed information about the new functionality can be found directly on the cryptocurrency platform. Please note that to use it, you must pass verification.

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