Grayscale Asks SEC to Approve Bitcoin-ETF Applications

The agency is obliged to approve all applications for a spot exchange-traded fund based on bitcoin. This statement was made by representatives of Grayscale.

What the company said

Lawyers of the cryptocurrency management company sent a letter that will supplement 8 applications for the start of the bitcoin-ETF. It will help substantiate the company's statement, which states the reasons why it is worth approving applications.

The notification states that the agency is able to approve spot options, since it has already approved bitcoin futures ETFs.

The company also believes that the funds are inextricably linked. Additionally, they added that they will make every effort to help users gain access to digital assets. They also rejoice at the progress in ensuring increased control over the industry.

Lawyers emphasize that the agency does not need to make a choice between winners and losers. On the contrary, the regulator should provide open feedback with recommendations to issuers, maintaining impartiality and consistency.

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