Sazmining will mine the first cryptocurrency in Paraguay

Sazmining is an American hosting provider for miners of the first cryptocurrency. It uses fully renewable energy sources. It became known that the company is going to open a new center in Paraguay.

What is known about the future enterprise

The facility is going to open in September. He will use the excess electricity generated by the Itaipu hydroelectric power station. Its capacity is 14 GW.

The statement says that the company will offer hosting in data centers. It will be designed for 1600 mining devices. The tariff will be 0.047 kWh. It reaches less than 30% of the price of placing devices in the United States of America. Recall that in January, the first data center was launched at a hydroelectric power plant, which is located in Wisconsin.

The company believes that Paraguay is an ideal place to make cryptocurrency mining eco-friendly.

Due to excess electricity, the mining of the first cryptocurrency becomes effective at those moments that once suffered losses. It becomes profitable for the whole state. The local government and the electricity supplier reacted positively to this.

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