Crypto companies will be forced to provide data on hacking to the SEC

The Sec has developed rules obliging cryptocurrency companies to provide data on incidents that have occurred that are related to cybersecurity.

What else is known about the new rules

The document states that the company must submit data on large-scale hacks to the regulator within four days. As an exception, cases are established whose disclosure poses a threat to society or national security.

The new rules were approved the day before yesterday. However, they will begin to act only a month after they were accepted.

In addition, crypto companies will be required to provide reports with a certain periodicity on activities that contribute to the detection and prevention of risks that carry potential threats.

The head of the department explained that regardless of whether the crypto company will lose its property as a result of a fire or terabytes of data as a result of cybersecurity problems, this may play an important role for users. Assistance in ensuring the disclosure of important hacking data can benefit the entire industry, from users to the market itself.

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