A new variant of attacks on crypto exchanges has appeared: SlowMist

Attackers are sending fake transactions to cryptocurrency exchanges. Sites mistakenly perceive them as legal deposits. As a result, they deposit funds in the account. This type of attack was revealed by SlowMist experts.

What else is known about the attacks

Experts note that attacks using fake deposits cannot be perceived as a vulnerability of the blockchain itself. Scammers use some network metrics to create special transactions.

Experts also reported that scammers use bugs and system errors in the mechanisms of cryptocurrency exchanges that process deposit transactions.

It should be noted that over the past 5 years, the company's experts have been able to find out some types of such threats:

  1. The operation is displayed in the mempool, but is not entered in the block.
  2. The transaction gets into the block, but due to incorrect characteristics it cannot be executed.
  3. The operation is taken into account several times, which leads to repeated spending.

Specialists are also developing measures to prevent such attacks. For example, to integrate a mechanism of multiple confirmations or to create a risk control system.

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