Transactions on crypto exchanges are restricted at Bendigo Bank in Australia

Bendigo Bank is among the largest in Australia. The other day, he said that he blocks cryptocurrency payments that have a high risk, as he wants to protect customers from fraudulent schemes. This information is reported by Contelegraph.

What else did the bank's representatives say

Experts reported that the implementation of the new rules was successfully completed. They indicate that individual transactions on crypto exchanges can receive the status of risky. Therefore, they will be blocked. At the same time, the bank did not provide information on which operations of the platform may fall under it.

The "Scam" section is published on the institution's website. It says that fraudulent investment schemes can disguise themselves as an offer to buy digital assets. Business projects, pension solutions, etc. are also indicated there.

Note that before that, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia decided to introduce similar restrictions on the transfer of assets to crypto exchanges.

Recall that in the spring, the Australian regulator decided to cancel the license from the local branch of Binance. Later, similar measures were applied to the local division of the bankrupt FTX crypto exchange.

This month, the Bloomberg publishing house wrote about conducting searches at fililal Binans. At the moment, an investigation is underway regarding derivatives.

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