The regulator called on Coinbase to remove all coins from the listing, except Bitcoin

We are talking about the American securities regulator — SEC. He asked the crypto exchange to remove absolutely all digital coins from the offer, leaving only bitcoin. This happened just before filing a lawsuit against the site.

What else has become known

The head of the site, Armstrong, recently provided an interview to the Financial Times. In his framework, he said that as a result of such a statement of the issue (exclusion from the listing of all coins except bitcoin), he did not give an opportunity to solve the problem peacefully. It remains only to do this in court proceedings.

In an interview, he said that the SEC demanded the removal of all assets except bitcoin, since they are recognized as securities. When the representatives of the exchange tried to find out the motivation for such a decision, they heard that nothing would be explained to them. By that time, the platform had no choice, since the removal of all coins from the listing (at that time more than 200) would lead to the death of the American crypto industry. The specialist also noted that this is contrary to the law. Therefore, the platform decided that it was better to understand the court and make its decision.

Representatives of the regulator noted that there was allegedly no such appeal to the exchange. Recall that now the site is accused of selling unregistered securities. She also illegally allegedly combined three functions, becoming a broker, an exchange and a clearing agency.

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