HRF Is Going to Distribute 20 BTC to improve the Bitcoin blockchain

We are talking about the human rights organization Human Rights Foundation. She wants to allocate 20 bitokines, which is slightly less than 600 thousand dollars to development specialists to improve the Bitcoin protocol.

What is known about the initiative

The solution is aimed at 10 modifications of the open bitcoin code. Six of them will concern crypto wallets for smartphones.

They also want to find faults in design elements for crypto projects. Now, in most cases, they are guided by Figma software. The goal is to provide free access for development specialists to the manual concerning the interface for using the first cryptocurrency.

Additionally, they want to develop the protocol of the decentralized social network Nostr. It provides end-to-end exchange between users. At the same time, servers via repeaters are not used.

2 BTC is allocated for a separate modification. The funds will be allocated from the Bitcoin Development Fund, which is a branch of the organization.

It is planned to accelerate the creation of auxiliary protocol functionality. This will help to achieve the expansion of financial freedom for users around the world.

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