Cryptocurrencies were illegally mined in Malaysia

Sarawak Energy, which supplies electricity in Malaysia, noticed a mining farm in Miri. Its owners illegally mined cryptocurrency. This information is provided by local media.

Illegal mining of cryptocurrencies: details

The mining farm was equipped with 34 ASIC devices. They were connected to the power grid with a cable. The attackers were able to detect only thanks to complaints from local residents.

The electricity supplier estimated the size of the theft. The amount was approximately 6 thousand Malaysian ringgit. That's about $1,300. Cryptocurrency mining devices were seized by the authorities.

At the moment, an investigation is underway. Recall that the local government of the city has already confiscated mining devices. Then over 135 ASIC equipment was seized. In the summer of 2021, a whole batch of the device was destroyed by the police. It amounted to 1069 ASICs, which were seized as a result of the raids.

Recall that last week there was a recalculation of the complexity of bitcoin mining. It has decreased by almost 3%. Then it was at the level of 52.33 T.

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