FTX Representatives Want to Restart the offshore crypto exchange

The administrator of the bankrupt site provided a plan to restart the offshore crypto exchange, providing access to customers outside the United States.

Nuances of restarting

The platform wants to separate dotcom customers from everyone. The documentation states that they will provide them with a proportional amount of profit from the pool of assets that are associated with the platform FTX.com .

Additionally, it is planned to create a separate organization. She will control the start of the offshore platform's activities. Along with this, it will remain unavailable in the US.

The statement also states that the basis will not be the distribution of money, but the conduct of reward transactions to a pool of dotcom users. It will be either as an equity security, or cryptocurrencies, or other assets.

The FTT coin holders' claims are going to be cancelled or extinguished before the restart plan is activated. Along with this, they will not have the rights to receive additional distribution.

Recall that John Ray, who heads the bankrupt exchange, started talking about restarting the site. He announced this at the beginning of the year. In April, the reorganization of the exchange was announced by its lawyers in court.

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