The bearish stage could not affect the increase in smart contracts

During the second quarter, the bears stage in the crypto market could not have an impact on the increase in verified smart contracts and Web 3.0. This conclusion was put forward by BNB Chain experts.

What else do the experts say

At the moment, there is a reduction in venture financing. However, the positive dynamics remains. This suggests that there is a steady interest in blockchain solutions.

The growth in the number of verified smart contracts with blockchain technologies shows an increased interest in scaling and security level in Web 3.0.

Experts noticed that the largest blockchains were able to interest both programmers and users. This confirms the growing diversity of crypto projects.

The leading position in this matter is occupied by BNB Chain. It has a market share of 45%. Ethereum takes the second place. Its share reaches 34% of the total number of verified smart contracts.

Experts also noticed that programmers' interest in second-level solutions for Ethereum has grown significantly. We are talking about Arbitrum and Optimism. Their market shares also increased to 4.5% and 1.5%, respectively.

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