Fraudsters who laundered funds stolen from Bitfinex decided to plead guilty

The accused Lichtenstein and Morgan were engaged in money laundering, which they themselves stole in 2016. The amount reached several billion dollars. The US Department of Justice said they had pleaded guilty.

What awaits the criminals now

Ilya Lichtenstein agreed with the charges regarding the conspiracy to launder funds. He may receive a sentence of imprisonment for 20 years. However, he does not agree that he hacked the trading platform.

Heather Morgan also confirmed her involvement in a conspiracy to launder funds. In total, she can be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The court documentation says that Ilya was able to gain access to the crypto exchange using advanced hacking tools. He was able to conduct more than two thousand operations, within which he withdrew 119,754 bitcoins from Bitfinex to his wallet. After that, he carried out the deletion of the credentials that he used to gain access, as well as files containing the time of visits.

Together with his wife, they carried out laundering of stolen funds in various ways. To do this, they came up with names, used mixers, bought gold coins and opened business accounts. Note that part of the case was classified.

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