Worldcoin will increase the production of orbs

The Worldcoin crypto project uses orbs so that users can be identified. They allow you to scan the retina of the eye. Recently it became known that the company wants to launch mass production.

What are the company's plans

The co-founder of Worldcoin, Alex Blania, said that the issue and application of orbs will be made decentralized. Production incentives are integrated into the tokenomics of the crypto project. However, the open release of orbs has the risks that third parties may collect users' personal data without authorization.

Prior to that, the project published details of the design of identification devices. As a result, organizations in theory can use their own options.

Blania explained that this will be similar to the extraction of the first cryptocurrency, within which the protection of the crypto network is provided. In this case, there will be a similar situation: manufacturers will be able to receive WLD coins for each manufactured orb that they have released and put into work.

It is planned to ensure the decentralization and scaling of the production of devices next year. At the same time, various manufacturers will be able to participate: both small companies and technology giants.

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