Digital Licensing Funds Blocked by US Regulator

Digital Licensing is engaged in mining cryptocurrencies. The company also became famous as a DEBT Box. She was recently charged with fraud in the amount of $50 million in cash. Additionally, bitcoin and Ethereum are indicated. However, the amounts are not called. This was reported by the SEC regulator.

What the Commission did

The US regulator decided to urgently block all funds of the fraudulent organization. Additionally, measures were taken against 4 employees of the top manager. It also affected another 13 defendants.

The agency assures that since the spring of 2021, the management has begun to offer investors assets that are unregistered securities. At the same time, the scammers lied about mining cryptocurrencies.

They spent the investments invested in their company for personal purposes: the purchase of expensive cars, real estate and various vacations.

Charges of such a sale were received by 18 people to the company's employees, in addition, they were charged with violating the requirements for combating fraudulent actions. Some of them worked under the guise of brokers without registering.

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