Arkham will Reward Whoever Finds the FTX Cracker

Arkham is a marketplace where on-chain data is sold. A request was published on the site on behalf of the administration. It contains a request to find the data of the hacker who hacked FTX. The reward is 100 thousand ARKM. This is about 50 thousand dollars.

What does the ad say

When the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency trading platform occurred in 2022, a hack was reported from its representatives. As a result, over $415 million was withdrawn in various cryptocurrencies. Data on the hacker has not yet been revealed.

The customer also provided 3 crypto addresses, which may be related to hacking. The contract on the application will be valid until the 17th of this month.

The marketplace noted that the attack on the crypto exchange is the second in size, which was in the entire history of the industry.

According to analysts, the current head of the FTX platform confirmed the presence of an exploit. However, after the post was deleted. He pointed out that the platform lost its assets as a result of illegal operations that were carried out using the account of the chief adviser of the social network X (former Twitter).

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