Matter Labs filed charges

The Polygon division, which is engaged in scaling using zero-disclosure technology, has brought charges against the zkSync Era second-level network. They claimed that the project stole their codes.

What the statement says

According to representatives of the Polygon, the recent Boojum update in zkSync Era used elements of the SNARK Plonky2 protocol. Moreover, plagiarism was applied in whole parts. Note that the same parts of the protocols are involved in the Polygon Zero protocol.

At the same time, the Polygon noticed that the code was integrated without using the original copyright. There are also no links to its creators.

The representatives stressed that the update uses a similar principle of parallel repetition, which allows for increased security. The same configurable channels were also used to ensure the effectiveness of determining recursive checks. In addition, the same search algorithm is used, which was developed by their teammate.

Additionally, they noted that the last update from a competitor, according to the latter's statement, is 10 times faster than that of Polygon. However, in their opinion, this is unrealistic, since the most significant code that provides performance is a complete plagiarism.

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