Bitstamp: New partnerships and opportunities

The Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange is one of the largest. Recently, she was able to conclude a new partnership, which allowed the site to achieve new opportunities. In the article we will talk about this in detail.

Partnership with CoinRoutes

Recently, the cryptocurrency exchange has entered into cooperation with CoinRoutes. The latter is an algorithmic trading platform. As part of the cooperation, there was an integrated innovative technology — intelligent routing of orders.

The company has been developing this technology since 2017 and is constantly improving it. Thanks to it, you can get the best price for the transaction. Comprehensive market liquidity data is displayed for users. 

The data is shown immediately on all exchanges with which CoinRoutes cooperates. At the time of writing, there are more than 25 of them. At the same time, trading is possible on several exchanges at the same time.

Increasing APY on Loans with Ripple Coin

After Ripple was able to partially win in court against the SEC (the securities regulator in the United States), the coin began to be added to many large cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitstamp was no exception.

However, the platform not only returned the coin for trading, but also allows it to be used to obtain additional profitability through crypto lending.

The other day it became known that the exchange decided to increase the annual interest rate on XRP loans. Now it is 2%.

Crypto lending on the site has several features:

  1. Without the user's approval, the exchange will not convert assets. At the same time, the platform displays the actual earnings rates. Lending to users' funds takes place through the exchange's partner — Tesseract. According to the platform, it thoroughly checks borrowers, choosing reputable organizations with positive credit indicators.
  2. Providing monthly reporting. It displays the most important indicators of the pool. Risk profiles, security level and other features.
  3. You can use not only Ripple, but also other coins. This applies to both the most popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. At the same time, you can earn up to 4.4% per year. Payments are made daily. Along with this, there is no asset blocking period.

The Earn Lending loan program is available in almost all countries where the cryptocurrency exchange operates. The exceptions are the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Canada and Singapore. It should be noted that the exchange constantly publishes reports on the work of the lending program.

New mobile app

Recently, the exchange has developed a new mobile application for users. It is available worldwide. The application is designed for both Android and iOS operating systems. According to the exchange, it has become much more convenient to trade and work with the platform through it.

Here you can quickly trade cryptocurrencies, make purchases through bank cards and payment systems. A simple, intuitive interface is also made. You can use staking with a yield of up to 4.5% per year and crypto lending up to 4.4% per year. Also, a training center with educational materials on cryptocurrency trading has been added to the application.

There is also a Bitstamp Pro mobile app. It is designed exclusively for professionals and has advanced functionality. In addition, there are analytical tools, powerful types of orders for the implementation of any strategy.

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