OPNX wants to get Hodlnaut

The OPNX crypto exchange plans to buy out the main stake in the Hodlnaut cryptocurrency landing site, which is now facing a lot of problems. This is written by Bloomberg.

What the sources say

The publication, referring to its informants, writes that the exchange wants to contribute FLEX coins to the company, the total amount of which will be $ 30 million. As a goal, they called financing partial repayment of debt. Now they are waiting for the approval of the payment plan from the creditors themselves.

The author of the article notes that with a positive result, the crypto exchange will actually become the owner of the site. Since she will have 75% of all shares. Users will be paid only 30% of the amount of their claims. At the same time, the same FLEX coins are used for payment. It is also possible to use other cryptocurrencies, which have not yet been reported.

At the time of writing, the token has a fairly high market capitalization. It amounts to more than $702.5 million. At the same time, the current price of the coin is more than seven dollars.

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