Before halving, bitcoin will be more than a hundred thousand: opinion

The head of BlockStream, who can already be considered an old-timer of the cryptocurrency industry, Adam Back, decided to answer the dispute. He decided to bet 0.01 bitcoin that the value of the coin could reach one hundred thousand dollars before the halving.

Dispute Details

A user of the X platform, which used to be a social network Twitter, Vikingo decided to start a dispute. He believes that such a price for bitcoin can reach a minimum in 2025, or even later. Beck decided to argue with him, as he believes that the price will soar before the end of March 2024.

Halving bitcoin should happen sometime in April 2024. Then the reward for the extracted block will drop by half. It will be 3,125 bitcoins.

The ex-director of the company responsible for its strategy, Samson Mou, also decided to join the topic. He also published a post that he is waiting for a new historically maximum price. Moreover, in his opinion, this will also happen before the moment of halving, but not after it.

It should be noted that in early spring, the former HEAD of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, also decided to conclude a dispute. He bet a million dollars, assuring that the value of digital gold will reach 1 million within three months. In May, he already realized that he had lost and gave the appointed amount.

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