Funds began to be withdrawn from Huobi

At the weekend, the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange unexpectedly experienced a very large outflow of user funds. The reasons see rumors that the crypto exchange is already bankrupt. As a result, the total blocked value fell at the site by $ 54 million.

What kind of bankruptcy are we talking about

Cryptanalyst Adam Konkran wrote a post on the social network X, after which he deleted it. However, interested persons have read it anyway. The post claimed that several employees of the crypto exchange and TRON were summoned for questioning by the Chinese police. Moreover, these were persons holding senior positions.

The analyst also listed the names that may have been arrested. When checking his own audit of the crypto exchange, the specialist concluded that the total balance of users reaches $ 630 million. At the same time, the reserve of the cryptocurrency platform itself does not even reach one hundred million.

Those funds that are not enough may be used to maintain the profitability of decentralized financial applications owned by Justin Sun.

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