Curve has appointed a reward of 1.85 million dollars for hacker data

The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Curve Finance has decided to offer a reward in the amount of $ 1.85 million. It will be received by the one who can identify the hacker who managed to carry out a successful hacking of the site. They want to bring him to court.

What was reported

Representatives of the cryptocurrency platform wrote that they gave a certain deadline for the hacker to voluntarily return the funds stolen as a result of hacking the exchange. However, it has expired. Therefore, the crypto platform has decided to increase the reward and hopes that there will be specialists able to identify the attacker. The reward is 10% of the funds that the hacker has. The amount is about $ 1.85 million.

It is known that at the end of July, bullets of stable coins of the crypto exchange were attacked. A vulnerability in the Vyper code was used for this. At first, the losses from the exploit were estimated at $ 47 million. However, later DeFi Llama specialists counted almost 62 million dollars.

Recently, the hacker made a partial refund. He returned $20 million worth of assets for projects such as JPEG'd and Alchemix. Then the hacker was able to receive the promised reward, which was 10% of the stolen amount.

Representatives said that if the hacker fully reimburses the stolen funds, they will not pursue him, as well as bring charges.

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