Ripple Investors have Raised Expectations

The founder of the Deaton Law Firm, J. Deaton, said that investors have too high expectations. He said this against the background of general dissatisfaction with the fact that the coin is slowly growing.

What else did the specialist say

Deaton decided to respond to the post of the user Moon Lambo. He noted that he does not have the emotional pain that others have experienced writing relevant posts on social networks.

He compared the growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, noting that the first two grew by more than 70 and 50 percent, respectively, when Ripple showed an increase of 85%. Along with this, the S5P 500 index was only 17%.

Deaton writes that he always knew that the decision made in the Sec case against the company could give a boost to historical highs.

He explained that the key here is in expectations. Until the coin can enter the bull market together with bitcoin, he will never believe that Ripple will reach a historical maximum, even taking into account the positive outcome in the fight against the SEC. The specialist also noted that he will expect more when bitcoin is able to beat its historical highs.

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