The Bearish Evening Star pattern

A bearish Evening Star is a candlestick pattern that is often seen as a signal of a possible trend change from ascending to descending. This pattern consists of three candlesticks: the first is bullish, the second is small with a small upper and lower shadow, and the third is bearish, which closes below the middle of the body of the first bullish candle.

The bearish Evening Star is a strong signal of the weakness of the current bullish trend and the possible beginning of a downward movement. Traders use this pattern to determine when to enter a short position or confirm a trend before making decisions.

Strategies Based on the Bearish Evening Star

Short Position: After the appearance of a Bearish Evening Star, traders consider this as a signal to enter a short position. They can open a sale after closing a bearish candle in order to profit from a future price decline.

Stop Loss Tracking: It is important to set the stop loss at a safe distance from the entrance when using the Bearish Evening Star. This will protect the trader from a possible sharp reaction of the market to the opposite movement.

Combination of Signals: The Bearish Evening Star can be used in combination with other technical indicators to confirm the signal and reduce the number of false trades.


The Bearish Evening Star is a powerful analysis tool for traders that allows them to identify possible trend changes from ascending to descending. This pattern can be used to enter a short position and confirm the current bearish trend. It is important to remember that no pattern is an absolute guarantee of success, so you should always take into account the context of the market and use additional analysis tools.

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