A mining center has been built in Bhutan

Bitdeer finished building a company last month that will be engaged in the extraction of digital gold. It is located in Bhutan. This is reported by the company itself in its press release.

What data about the mining center is reported

The head of the company, Matt Linhui Kun, said that 15 thousand devices came to the enterprise within a month. Of these, 11 thousand have already been connected and are working at full capacity.

In July, the company was able to extract 220 bitcoins. This indicator increased by 41% compared to last year's figure. However, it is lower than it was in June. Then the company was able to get 239 bitcoins.

The specialist noted that they decided to continue reducing electricity consumption in the mining center, which is located in Texas. This is done in order to help stabilize the power grid. After all, there is extreme heat in Texas this summer. At the same time, due to this decision, they continued to receive loans for electricity.

The company controls the hashrate, which has grown to more than 20.5 EH/s. At the same time, its own capacity also increased to 7.2 EH/s. The indicator actually increased by 1 EH/s. This growth is due to the new Gedu mining center, which was launched in Bhutan.

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