Huobi will have support for a stable PayPal coin

The Huobi crypto exchange will soon begin the integration of a young stablecoin, which is produced by the payment giant PayPal. We are talking about the PYUSD coin.

What the press release says

The exchange claims that the listing will be held at a time when the market circulation stabilizes, as well as liquidity conditions will be created.

Representatives of the platform noted that their exchange will be the first to support the launch of PYUSD. She is also going to constantly support the PayPal stablecoin trading pair with the Tether coin. At the same time, the pair will trade with zero commission.

Note that the payment giant launched the stablecoin yesterday. Paxos infrastructure company was chosen as the issuer. Almost 27 million coins have already been issued.

Tokens were created on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 standard. Experts believe that stable coins will make transfers and international payments easier. It will also help the future adoption of cryptocurrencies.

It should be noted that they started talking about the possible appearance of a stable coin backed by the dollar from the payment giant back in 2021.

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