Base will have a new user interface

The Base cryptocurrency network was developed by the popular Coinbase exchange. She began to integrate end customers using the cryptomost interface. The platform will be launched on August 9 at the official level.

What is the new interface like

The announcement of the bridge was published on the 3rd. The crypto exchange stated that the Base network had launched an interface for ordinary users, which was designed for the platform bridge. Thanks to it, end-users will be able to connect for the first time without using developer tools.

The official launch, as already mentioned, will be tomorrow. The developers are going to allocate a grant of 100 ETH (approximately 184 thousand dollars) to reward developers and content specialists. These grants will be provided during a month of events held in honor of the launch. They are called "Onchain Summer".

Recall that the main Base network was launched for developers last month. However, it did not have a user interface that would work with the bridge from Ethereum. Then there was only one option to use the crypto network — to use developer tools. They are a command line that helps ETH tokens connect to the first level of Ethereum.

On the third day, the developers announced that the cryptomost with an interface for users had earned. It will now become much easier for end users to work with the network. At the same time, it is not necessary to wait for the official start.

At the same time, the developers noted that some of the first Web 3.0 applications may be unavailable in the crypto network. We'll have to wait for the official launch, which will happen tomorrow.

Additionally, the team announced that it will celebrate Onchain Summer for a month. Every day developers will create interesting novelties. They will cover various things in Web 3.0. we are talking about art, music, games and a lot of other interesting things.

Grants will also be provided. They will be issued in Ethereum tokens. They are designed for individuals or teams developing websites, as well as those capable of creating entertainment or educational content that will be somehow connected to the Base crypto network. Also, the list of applicants for grants will include developers of new protocols that will be added to the crypto network from tomorrow to September 13 inclusive.

In addition, the team will begin distributing non-interchangeable NFT and ether tokens that will be linked to the crypto network. They will be given to users who connect to the network or perform "educational quests".

Note that the Base cryptocurrency network has faced some troubles since its launch. Some investors lost their assets, in the amount of millions of dollars, in the crypto network. This is due to the fact that they tried to use it when it was launched exclusively for developers. Also then it was not publicly available.

For example, the meme currency PNDX (Pond0x) was launched at the end of July. Those investors who had the necessary technical knowledge in creating a bridge using developer tools decided to invest in coins. As a result, over $2 million was poured into the crypto project. However, the coin collapsed to almost zero value. This is due to the fact that an error has been detected that is related to the transfer function. 

The second case is also related to the meme currency Base. We are talking about the Bald token (BALD). Investors lost slightly less than in the previous case. The amount was $1.9 million. The reason for this was that the developer decided to withdraw liquidity from the crypto exchange on which the coin was traded.

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