Where there is profit, there is GRIN4

Have you just encountered cryptocurrency trading on exchanges, or have you already tired of doing it manually? Then you definitely need an assistant who will make the process easier and more accessible. The GRIN4 ecosystem is developed by a professional trader, and it does not fail.

What is an ecosystem

It would seem that how can an ordinary website help in trading cryptocurrencies? However, GRIN4 is quite unusual. It was really developed by a professional trader who has been trading cryptocurrencies for a long time.

The development was initially conducted for myself. Therefore, there are virtually no disadvantages in the ecosystem. Here the user can count on all the necessary tools for trading, starting from the integration of wallets, ending with trading robots.

GRIN4 is designed in such a way as to ensure security and privacy. This is implemented in several ways:

  1. A non-custodial system of crypto wallets. The site administration does not have access to your funds, you control them yourself.
  2. Lack of user databases. Personal information of visitors is not collected here, neither during registration nor during use. There is no account verification. Not even cookies are collected.
  3. No fiat currency. For some, this may seem like a minus. However, no one will see your bank cards here either. This guarantees greater anonymity. It will be possible to pay for the subscription, which we will talk about below, with a stable USDT coin.

Thanks to this approach, the site has absolutely no data that hackers can use. It also provides a high level of security. Therefore, you can trade safely and anonymously.

GRIN4 — free ecosystem

The site has everything you need for successful trading. it is designed for both beginners and experienced traders. Therefore, it is suitable for absolutely everyone.

The advantage of the site is the absence of mandatory fees. The ecosystem itself is provided free of charge. The exception is cryptocurrency bots. There is a subscription for 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. At the same time, the longer you make out, the cheaper it costs.

So, an annual subscription costs only $ 1 per day. It is not necessary to issue it. There is a free tariff. However, it has a commission of 25%. It is charged only when the cryptocurrency bot makes a profit. Everything else in the ecosystem is provided for free.

What is included in the ecosystem

As already mentioned, there is an aggregator of cryptocurrency wallets in the ecosystem. It includes:

  1. Creating a non-custodial crypto wallet. It is multi-currency and opens in just a few clicks.
  2. Adding a crypto wallet. You can connect any option that you use. There are no restrictions on adding a cryptocurrency wallet.
  3. Monitoring your assets. A single interface has been created in GRIN4 that combines all crypto wallets and summarizes assets on them. This way you will see the total amount, without having to log in to each cryptocurrency wallet.

In the aggregator you will also find video instructions for each item. This will allow you to quickly figure out how to create or connect a cryptocurrency wallet.

A trading terminal. Another plus that not everyone can boast of. There are 6 crypto exchanges connected here, with which the ecosystem works. We are talking about Binance, Huobi, ByBit, Gate.io , OKX and KUCOIN. You can also add other sites. To do this, you need to make a request to the support service.

The terminal displays the market with certain cryptocurrencies on exchanges. At the same time, more than 20 indicators for technical analysis are integrated into it. It works separately for each exchange and asset. Additionally, there is a second tab. In it, the results of the indicators are summarized to display the statuses: neutral, sell or buy. This will help newcomers to quickly navigate the market.

Cryptocurrency Bots

Unlike other similar services, where the number of bots for trading is strictly limited, there are no such disadvantages here. You can create the number you need, without any problems. At the same time, the billing does not depend on the number of bots created, which is very convenient.

Cryptobot is presented in two versions:

  1. SMART. Templates with presets are provided here. Suitable for beginners who still know little about trading. The settings are made according to proven strategies. Yes, they will not give a huge profit, but they will not allow you to go into the negative.
  2. PRO. Bots with flexible settings, order grids and other ways to protect the deposit from loss. It is suitable for professional traders, regardless of whether they work for short or long distances.

For a cryptobot to work, you need to connect not only a wallet, but also the API key of the exchange. The FAQ provides instructions for each site, where the steps for creating API keys are described in detail. YouTube videos have also been added, which also give visual instructions.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

We have created a bot to make money on crypto exchanges. You set the settings, and he trades 24/7. Manage all assets from one service: with your own hands or with the help of algorithmic trading. Anonymously. Simply. Stress-free.