Bitcoin will not be able to disappear already: opinion

One of the founders of the Carlyle Group, D. Rubenstein, said that he regrets that he did not buy bitcoin at the beginning of its development. This is reported by Bloomberg.

What else did the billionaire say

The specialist explained that there is a wide interest all over the world in getting something that could be transmitted without the knowledge of government agencies, keeping it secret. You can tell people that you shouldn't do this, but it won't stop them.

He also noted that investment giants BlackRock and Fidelity Investments have sent applications to the SEC office to launch a bitcoin ETF.

The specialist added that if the BlackRock financial giant wants to own spot bitcoin, then the currency will definitely be with us for some time.

It should be noted that back in the late spring of 2021, Rubenstein noted that cryptocurrencies will not disappear. They will remain in the financial landscape for a long time.

Recall that last fall, the businessman said that he personally invested in cryptocurrency companies and is optimistic about the future of the crypto industry, regardless of the state of the market.

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