When will the pilot operations with the digital ruble begin

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation will begin conducting transactions with the digital ruble next week. The date is set for August 15. This was stated by the first deputy chairman Olga Skorobogatova, as part of the ongoing press conference.

What else did the specialist say

During the pilot, the Central Bank will begin testing the launch of digital wallets from banks and customers. Transactions between users will also be studied, as well as payment for the services of trade and service organizations, which will be carried out with a digital ruble.

In a couple of months, transactions with it will be checked in 11 major cities. Both citizens and companies will participate. The first customers will be about 600 people. There will be only 30 companies.

In the future, the number of participants will increase. 

The pilot projects will include the sale of Troika cards in the metro of the capital. Cards with the balance of the "wallet" ticket with digital rubles will also participate. Employees who have entered the focus group will be able to use this payment method as part of the testing.

Skorobogatova reports that the integration of CBCD in the future may help to build a system of international payments with other states. Recall that the digital ruble started working from the beginning of August. However, it is still far away for mass use. This is planned for 2025-2027.

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