The Ripple case is not over: the SEC is going to challenge the partial loss

The SEC, which regulates securities and exchanges, said in a New York court in the Southern District that it would challenge its partial loss in the Ripple proceedings.

What else did the regulator say

The Commission is going to achieve an interim appeal regarding the verdict of Analisa Torres, who made a twofold decision. They also want to continue with a simpler production mechanism.

The document states that an inter-step review is a justified decision. These difficulties relate to key legal issues. According to them, there are strong bases in different opinions. This is evidenced by the split in the district.

The Commission decided to refer to the current trial with the Terraform Labs site and the head of the company, Do Kwon. In this case, the judge did not adhere to the Torres approach.

Recall that the judge made a ruling stating the following: the sale of XRP coins on exchanges as secondary transactions cannot be proposals for the implementation of investment contracts. She made the opposite decision regarding the sale of coins to industry institutions. In them, she recognized tokens as securities.

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