Within five years, the industry of stable coins will increase to $2.8 trillion: opinion

Over the next five years, the total capitalization of stable coins will grow significantly. It is assumed that the growth will be from $ 125 billion to almost $ 3 trillion. This is written by CoinDesk, referring to the Bernstein brokerage report.

Analysts' Explanation

Experts believe that due to the introduction into various platforms, it will help to promote the "flywheel of growth" of coins that are tied to the US dollar.

For example, expert Gautam Chhugani said: it is expected that key financial and consumer platforms will start issuing stable coins in order to realize the exchange value.

Representatives of the company noted that stablecoins will be able to function superfast within the framework of financial transactions. In other words, L2 solutions based on the Ethereum blockchain will be actively used.

The expansion of the industry, in their opinion, will be done on the basis of regulated onshore stable coins. They also provide evidence of their opinion. They indicated Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, where test crypto projects with stablecoins and national digital currencies are being launched.

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