Fantom Is Thinking about Transferring the crypto network to Optimistic Rollups

The Fantom Fundation development team announced that they are considering the prospects of transferring their crypto network to Optimistic Rollups. It is used at the level II venues of Arbitrum One and OP Mainnet. This is written by The Block.

What else has become known

In July, the Celo crypto community made a proposal, and after approval of the plan to transfer the crypto network to L2, a solution that was developed on Ethereum.

One of the founders of the Phantom, Andre Cronje, said that their crypto project has begun a careful study of the prospects for a possible transition. At the same time, programmers pay key attention to the level of security.

The company's SEO, Michael Kong, decided to note that the integration of the L2 solution development will allow the Phantom to obtain the liquidity of the Ethereum cryptocurrency network.

Cronje said that he is currently conducting research on the L2 network in the form of a sidechain. He sees the development of Optimistic Rollups as a reliable cryptomost in layers.

Recall that the Phantom ecosystem ranks 23rd in the analysis of DeFi Llama within the rating of the value of blocked assets.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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