Base is ahead of StarkNet in terms of the volume of blocked assets on the network

Yesterday, CoinBase launched the mainnet L2-Base solution to provide public access. The volume of the blocked value of assets amounted to more than $ 150 million. The network has overtaken StarkNet, which has been operating since 2021.

What is the new Base crypto network?

It was built on the software stack Op Stack, which was developed by Optimism. The network functions as an Ethereum network of rollups.

In the middle of last month, developers launched a crypto network mainnet for programmers. During the preparatory work for the general launch, dApps developers were given access to some services:

  • Node providers, such as QuickNode, Blast.
  • Smart crypto wallet from Safe.
  • Basescan and Blockscout explorers.

This is just a small list of services. The report says that more than a hundred decentralized applications and providers have already been launched for the launch of public access in the crypto network. They can be used for trading digital assets, collecting items, participating in restaurant promotions, etc.

In addition, the crypto exchange has launched Onchain Summer — a festival within which awards will be provided and decentralized applications from partners of the crypto network will be promoted.

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