The cost of XRP on the Gemini platform has risen to $ 50

The cryptocurrency society noticed the strange value of the XRP coin, which is issued by Ripple. She was observed at the Gemini site yesterday. The value of the asset at the moment was $ 50. This happened a couple of hours after the token was renewed.

What is known

In addition, for a short time, the token additionally varied around one dollar. Users think there has been a price crash.

However, there are other opinions. Some users think that this happened because of the "thin" order book. Others note that the cryptocurrency exchange has low liquidity. One of the users himself "accidentally" was able to wind up an order at a cost of $ 50.

After a while, the site decided to leave for maintenance. Individual users met with a timeout on the spot market. 

Recall that the platform previously stated that it would return the coin on the 10th. This decision was made after the court partially recognized that XRP is not a security. We are talking about situations when tokens are sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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