In Argentina, they began to investigate the activities of Worldcoin

The investigation was launched by the agency for access to public data in the country. It decided to check the activities of Sam Altman's crypto project. We are talking about Worldcoin, which carries out user identification through its own orb device.

What the AAIP agency reports

The agency stated that they are interested in the security measures that the company has taken to protect the privacy of its customers.

The department noted that during the investigation they will thoroughly analyze the processes and practices of collecting, preserving and applying confidential information. In addition, they will take the necessary steps to solve all the problems that will be discovered. They will also check how well the company complies with security and privacy standards.

The agency noted that the case has become widely publicized, as a scan of the face and iris of the eye is being carried out. For this, users receive a reward. The procedure is carried out in Buenos Aires and other areas.

The message from the department states that such cases indicate that it is necessary to strengthen the existing legal framework that concerns the security of confidential information.

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