The Doji Gravestone pattern is bearish

The Doji gravestone is a technical pattern that is observed on the charts of price movements of assets, including cryptocurrencies. This pattern occurs after a sequence of ascending candlesticks and indicates a possible trend change to bearish.

The main characteristics of the "Doji Gravestone" include:

  • Shadow Candle: The pattern is formed after several ascending candles. It includes a candle that has a small upper shadow (the upper "tail") and a small or missing lower shadow.
  • Opening and closing: The opening and closing price of a candle can be close or equal to each other. This creates a visual semblance of a "gravestone".
  • Interpretation: The Doji gravestone signals a potential change in the direction of the trend to bearish, that is, to lower prices.

Application in Cryptotrading

The "Doji Gravestone" can be a useful tool for traders, helping them to determine the possible transition of the asset rate to a fall. Despite this, it is important to remember that patterns do not always give accurate signals, and for the successful use of this indicator requires:

1. Confirmation with other tools: To increase the reliability of the signal from the "Doji Tombstone", many traders combine it with other technical indicators, such as moving averages, RSI and others.

2. Risk management: As with any patterns, it is important to observe risk management. The correct setting of stop losses and exits from the position helps to minimize losses in case of incorrect interpretation of the signal.

3. Reverse Check: Before using the "Doji Gravestone" in real markets, it is recommended to conduct a reverse check on historical data to assess its effectiveness in specific market conditions.


The Doji gravestone is a bearish pattern that can serve as a useful indicator for traders and investors. However, its successful use requires a deep understanding of the market, as well as a combination with other trading tools and strategies. Remember that the cryptocurrency market has its own risks, and decisions about entering and exiting transactions should be made thoroughly and based on a comprehensive analysis.

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