Voyager Digital decided to send more than $9 million worth of crypto assets to the Coinbase crypto exchange.

The Voyager Digital cryptocurrency brokerage organization is currently undergoing bankruptcy registration. Over the past day, she conducted transactions on the Coinbase crypto exchange in the total amount of approximately $ 9.4 million in various cryptocurrencies. This was noticed by PeckShield specialists.

What the broker translated

Transactions in Ethereum included 3 thousand ETH coins. There were also more than 200 billion. SHIB tokens. More than two million MANA, 932 thousand SAND, 135 thousand APE and approximately one million BAT. The broker was able to receive about 21 million stable USDC coins from the cryptocurrency platform.

Experts report that the broker has additionally transferred 200 bitcoins (by the time of writing, this is almost $ 6 million). some of these bitcoins (more than 10) were deposited into the Binance deposit.

At the end of winter, Lookonchain experts noticed that the broker was selling crypto assets. The amount amounted to more than 55 million dollars. In March, PeckShield noticed a transfer to the Coinbase crypto exchange in the amount of almost $ 28 million in various digital assets.

Recall that the broker decided to declare bankruptcy last summer. Presumably, its liabilities reach from a billion to $ 10 billion. at the end of last year, the American branch of Binance offered the maximum value for the assets of the brokerage company. they amounted to more than a billion dollars. However, regulators were against the deal and did not allow the assets to be repurchased.

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